The main protagonist of the story, yet lacking an actual name. Kind of ironic, huh? Anyway, House-Husband is married to Rick and obviously
does not have employment. House-Husband is a bit of a procrastinator but when pushed he can get
very motivated. In the story he doesn't seem to be much interested in finding work, and so he's very new to the whole home-maker role thing, but he wants to improve.
House-Husband is also an avid gamer and anime nerd, and frequents the internet more than he should.


Rick is married to House-Husband and works at Generic Greetings. He's a
very chill and relaxed guy, sometimes a bit too relaxed. Rick is not good with technology what-so-ever, so he tries his
best to avoid computers and everything else digital. That doesn't really work out so great. As opposed to his husband,
Rick is actually very good with cleaning and cooking...which is also quite ironic because he works and House-Husband doesn't. Rick also has a secret
hobby of playing guitar, and is their
small bands' guitarist. And if you're wondering, their band is called "Metalphorically Speaking".